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Stop Motion Movie Premier
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016
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On Tuesday night, May 3 rd , Deer Valley held its first ever red carpet event for the Stop Motion

Animation Movie Premier. Students in Miss Samantha Funkhauser’s enrichment classes

created movies using stop motion animation. Students had to create a concept, make a story

board and then design a set and characters. Students then had to photograph their characters

as they moved a tiny bit to crate the effect of movement for their movies. Students then put

their photos into iMovie and recorded their narration to create the movie. After the movies

were created, the students hosted their first red carpet event at Deer Valley complete with

drinks, popcorn and even a red carpet!

Students introduced their movies as they were shown and told a little bit about how they were

created. Many celebrities showed up for the event including, Assistant Principal, Ami Weems

and her husband, Lance Weems; Nurse, Karen Fuller; and a variety of grade level teachers,

parents and community supporters.



Pictured on the red carpet are VIP’s Assistant Principal Ami Weems with her husband, Lance

Weems. Picture 2, Lauren Underberg stands next to her display and story board she used to

create her stop motion film. Picture 3, Friends William Davis, CJ Howell and Gabriel Westry

stop for a picture in front of their story board during the Stop motion Movie Premier.

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