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Transfer Application Process for 2018-2019
Posted On:
Friday, June 01, 2018

May 24, 2018

[HOOVER] - Our school system stands committed to diversity.  Our schools proudly reflect the rich diversity that is Hoover.  In order to maintain - and even increase - that diversity, we have new transfer policies we would like to share with you.  Those options are outlined in this federal court order from May 22, 2018.  They become effective for the 2018-2019 School Year.  Also, please see this letter from Hoover City Schools Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy.

For the purposes of these new policies, students may apply to transfer to a school other than the school for which they are zoned.  Transfers are limited to the following categories and are subject to the requirements set forth in the federal court order: a. Racial Desegregation Transfer; b. Hardship Transfer; or c. Employee Transfer (all three defined below).

Please note, not all Hoover City Schools will be a part of the Racial Desegregation Transfer process.  Eligible schools for 2018-2019 include: 

-Bluff Park Elementary School
-Bumpus Middle School
-Deer Valley Elementary School

-Green Valley Elementary School
-Greystone Elementary School
-Simmons Middle School

-Trace Crossings Elementary School

Check your current school zone.

Transfers between/among those campuses will follow the provisions of the transfer plan in the federal court order.  In order to take advantage of this process, please complete this Transfer Application.  Paper copies of the Transfer Application have been made available at each school.  A parent/custodial parent must submit the Transfer Application so that the district's Department of Student Services receives the application on or before June 18, 2018

Should you require assistance completing the Transfer Application, please contact Student Services at 205-439-1688.


a. Racial Desegregation Transfers. 
A racial desegregation transfer will
be permitted between eligible schools within the Hoover district if there is
space available and if the transfer will have the effect of moving the racial
composition of both the sending and receiving schools closer to the districtwide
racial composition. For purposes of racial desegregation transfers,
eligible schools are (i) those schools for which the racial composition of
zoned African American students in the school is outside a range of 5
percentage points higher or 5 percentage points lower than the district-wide
racial composition for African American students, (ii) Simmons Middle
School, and (iii) Bumpus Middle School. By May 30, 2018, the Board must
identify and publicize the names of the “eligible schools” for the 2018-19
school year.
Racial desegregation transfer applications that are approved for the 2018-19
school year shall also be approved for each succeeding school year until the
student moves up to a different school serving grade levels different from the
school to which the transfer was first granted.
b. Substantial Hardship Transfers. 
The district may approve a
substantial hardship transfer for the 2018-19 school year if a student or a
student’s family demonstrates a substantial, extraordinary, and compelling
hardship; the hardship is unique to the student or his/her family; and the
hardship necessitates the assignment to a school other than the school to
which the student is zoned. Each hardship transfer application must be
supported by detailed documentation, and the district must use that
documentation to evaluate the transfer request. When evaluating a
substantial hardship transfer application, the district must consider (i) the
validity of the stated hardship; (ii) whether the receiving school is best able
to address or alleviate the stated hardship; (iii) whether other students with
similar hardships have been granted hardship transfers; and (iv) whether
transferring similarly situated students to such receiving schools proved
beneficial. Hardship transfers are valid only for the school year for which
they are approved. Transfer students who wish to remain at the school to
which they transfer for the 2018-19 school year must re-apply for a
hardship transfer each year and submit to the Board current information
documenting the stated hardship and the necessity of the transfer.
The following are examples of the types of situations that may warrant the
granting of a hardship transfer: incarceration of a parent; terminal illness of
a parent; natural disaster; and medical or health problems suffered by the
student that make it necessary for the student to attend a specific school.
A hardship transfer must be based on unique circumstances, and the Board’s
designee must evaluate each application independently to determine if the
application identifies a legitimate and unique hardship. The Board will
provide an appeals procedure to prevent an abuse of discretion in the
application process.
With respect to documentation, parents must provide a detailed description
of the stated hardship and attach to the student’s transfer application
supporting documents such as letters of support from doctors or authorities
who can (i) confirm the hardship, (ii) describe the condition that causes the
hardship; (iii) explain why the stated hardship requires transfer of the
student to another school, and (iv) state how the condition will be
accommodated by the new school.
c. Employee Transfers. 
The district may approve an employee transfer
for a student if (i) the Board employs the student’s parent or guardian on a
full-time basis, (ii) the student resides with the employee parent or guardian,
(iii) the employee parent or guardian has custody of the student, (iv) space is
available at the school to which the transfer is sought, (v) the school to which
the transfer is sought is within the high school feeder pattern to which the
employee is assigned, and (vi) the student meets established attendance,
academic, and behavioral criteria. If an employee is not assigned within a
feeder pattern, then the district may approve a transfer to a school in either
high school feeder pattern, but any such transfer must also meet the criteria
for Racial Desegregation Transfers.


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