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Deer Valley Outdoor Classroom
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Friday, November 13, 2015
Raised bed in DVES's Outdoor Classroom
Raised bed in DVES's Outdoor Classroom

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The Deer Valley Outdoor classroom is a work in progress. In the past year Deer Valley Dads, Boy Scouts, and various teachers and students have donated their time and effort to make it an interactive and engaging place to be. The garden allows students to become active participants in the learning process. Because of the layout of the garden, students will have unique opportunities to improve their nutritional knowledge, instill an appreciation and respect for nature, learn the importance of working together, and garden their way through the curriculum. The garden and outdoor classrooms will be great resources for addressing standards within the language arts, math, science, history, physical education, music, and art curriculum.


We are looking to add some additional touches to the garden. Our hopes are to add a 30ft X 30ft tiled area to anchor the picnic tables. We would also love to add umbrellas for shading and a new mural to the sidewalk.  The existing raised beds and tables will be painted and flowers, herbs, and various plants will be planted in the spring.


If you would like to assist in funding the next phase of the garden you can do so by making a donation on Once you enter the student ID, it will be listed under school.  For a donation of $3.00, a tile will be purchased and placed in the picnic area. If you would like to make an additional donation, this option will be available as well. Students who donate towards the garden will have the opportunity to place their thumb print on a tile and leave their “mark” in the Deer Valley outdoor classroom. 

 Donations can be made at:

-       Log into

-       Find al-hoover-deer valley elementary

-       Select public items

-       Select school

-       Enter in amount you would like to donate under “Outdoor Classroom Donation”

-       Click add to cart and then check out

-       Enter your child’s name for person(s) this is for

-       Continue to check out until transaction is complete



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact: Miss Funkhauser at


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